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Silent tears of woman never seem to be as gentle as they sound
How can these teardrops run so often in the mist of alone
You will never see her cry or hear her in torture
Guarded lady do you ever let your pride down
Tortured woman release your pain
Fallen down you carry yourself to the floor
Wondering questions travel quickly through your mind
         Does he love me?
                           How will I know?
I feel left alone....Make it stop
:iconvixrayne:VixRayne 11 8
Whisper to me your cravings
Wish for me and I will be there
Form the words that can only be for my soul
Capture my mouth in euphoria
Show me how you lust for my body
Torment my mind with your kiss
Devour my soul with your heart
Keep me tethered to your passion
Encompass my battered soul, let me forget  
Your appetite for desire matches mine
Enslave me for always into this realm
Shackle me to this ecstasy
The heat in your kiss sends fire to my soul
Awaken again...I am transported to bliss
:iconvixrayne:VixRayne 13 10
Giving up
The plot thickens into a world of shit
How sneaky you are
How disgraced I feel
A voice in my  head screaming TOLD YOU SO!
Your youth harms you into thinking you own the world
This is not love I am afraid my dear
Lies do not build a future
Secrets collapse a relationship like broken glass
Shards on the floor to cut me apart
Your love fading fast
My heart dying faster into emptiness
This is the last time I will open my heart
I think I was always right to stay alone
You can't get hurt that lies, no secrets
                             ... no such thing as a soul mate.
:iconvixrayne:VixRayne 12 8
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    ·          Mood:  Pleased/happy

    ·          Listening to: Ramona Falls - I Say Fever


I guess it's not what someone would expect for a first journal entry but truth to be told I am not a person that loves witting down everything. I am not a person that keeps a diary and such (: But I will get into further details about myself below. Still that's a motivation to get me start using D.A. journal at last ^^ I apologise for the grammar mistakes you may spot in advance. 

The Rules:

1. You must write the rules in your journals
2. You must write 10 facts about yourself
3. Answer 10 questions, left for you and do your own 10 questions for those you want to tag
4. Choose 10 deviants to tag and left there icons in this journal
5. Remind them about your tag
6. Nothing like: "you read- you tagged"
7. You must legally hold 10 persons
8. Don’t tag back (if you tag back you will get very boring answers...haha) 
9. You can't say “I don't do tags” (you can say whatever you please I think) 

The Facts :
I had the craziest idea to buy an expert button pin machine..!! It was quite expensive but I did manage to buy it. (How cool is that??! :D ) I am experimenting right now with Photoshop trying to learn how to use it and later maybe learn how to use it more efficiently for button pin designs.

2. I hate the colours green and pink for some reason and I love drawing elegant horses, spirits or spirals whenever I have a pencil on my hand.

3. I love being around other people *w* I love sharing my thoughts, listening to them, asking for opinions, engaging conversation and meeting new people. I enjoy face to face communication and being on the spotlight of attention most of the time ( >.>" what can I say ) When a day passes with me being around people I notice myself being more productive, creative, enthusiastic and happy overall..!! Well what antisocial person wouldn't? On the other hand I can't stand being closed inside four walls for more than 2 days. It can easily drive me into a pitiful, unproductive, low energy stage. (It's horrible I tell you..!)

4. I am proudly announcing that I have a lovely twin (bigger i guess -though half an hour doesn't count) sister. *clapping hands* I also have a brother but we don't talk that much and so often. Having a twin sister is the best thing in the word for me (: and I am really grateful for that even though most of the time I don't show it. I know that is difficult for most people to relate so the steps for that to happen are the following: imagine of a person. Now try to imagine that same person spending all of it's life most of the time next to you, following a path with common experiences with you, having a similar view of the word at some aspects but still different on others. That means that that person may feel like it's a pain in the ass sometimes and some others a best friend that everyone would only wish to have. Whatever may happen most of the times that person will understand and relate with you better than anyone else. If you can imagine that yes, I guess you can relate. (Hurray!) 

5. I have trouble expressing my emotions or opening up to others (which is a pity since I end up avoiding talking about the things that are the most important to me and feeling bottled up).

6.  d^^b  I love listening to EDM music -dubstep in particular-  Marina and the Diamonds, and some songs of Regina Spektor right now. However my music taste is not that stable. I listen and enjoy almost every type of music *coughs* >.> well ok, ok, maybe not opera and heavy metal screaming dudes ><

7. I'm a recent college student (heh stealing that line from someone *whispers*) also having existential crisis once in a while. I am realising that i can make any decision I wish for, wondering what am I doing with my life and how to spend it in a way that I won't regret it later, living it at the fullest as they say. Procrastinating gets in the way often ._. (I admit guilty on this one) 

8. Sometimes I don't like how everyone around me keeps expressing in their own way that life around your teen life should evolve around going to clubs and bars, drinking, having a girlfriend/boyfriend and after that you are the happiest person alive (or you should be) (...) Sooooo here is a fact about me somewhere hidden in there: I am 19 years old right now..! 

9. The dream I always had was to find a job that will allow me to travel all around the word..! (: how amazing it is to be getting the chance to go to many places you could only admire on TV. It is still a dream but I am sure that whatever job I follow I will make it real just cause of will and determination. 

10. People I love/admire/value the most are:  1) enthusiastic and passionate, 2) motivating and supportive, 3) open-minded and maybe creative, 4) undependable but reliable, 5) kind/loyal 6) giving and empathetic. (Caution: the characteristics are not in a specific order. I value them all at the same rate! That is just the order they came on my mind.)


QUESTION TIME from rebelnijamaster 

1. Is it possible to learn from another's mistakes or do you see them as coming off as a "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrite?  Frankly no, I don't find it possible learning from another's mistakes. And that's because life can't be learn from second hand. But I still wouldn't call talking from someone else's experience hypocritical, it's based somewhere. Maybe the foundation of it isn't reliable and stable as much as it should. So in other words every argument based on not directly your mistakes is just not persuading enough. (It’s no different than watching a movie. You sure did learn something from it but it is not good enough because you are simply a spectator and not the actor himself.)

2. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Thinking of the awesome dreams I saw the night that passed, drawing or writing them down on a notebook o (sometimes that is) and going outside for a near by walk by the way to fill my desire for a hot cappuccino at the morning ^^

3. Do you believe in the phrase "once a cheater, always a cheater?" No, that's clearly a prejudgement. I believe that people change as time passes or even if some of them won't give them the chance to prove themselves otherwise. Putting tags as soon as possible on people is awful...

4. If you could have any career, what would it be? If I could have any career it would be a career that would allow me to visit and see places and still be around people. Not like someone working on a ship trapped in there most of the time. Someone like a tour guide would be close to perfect (: since i love talking in English as well.

5. What is your favourite TV show?  I like the Slide Show I guess. I almost never open the TV, let alone watch TV shows.

6. Do you play an instrument and if so, what? ---
7. What was one of the most expensive things you ever bought? That's easy: the unused button pin machine equipment, the glasses I am currently wearing and the recommended manga series (Deathnote) 

8. What are three positive attributes you give yourself? Strong willed, Open minded, Spontaneous

9. How long have you known your best friend? I would say around 9 years. 
10. What are your thoughts on tattoos and piercings? (Hmm…) I am more into tattoos. Tattoos mean more of an art and a way to be expressed in comparison to piercings to me. Piercings, I think, is another way to simply decorate your body but not in the deep aspect of a tattoo. It doesn't hide any meaning or shares a story about you like some tattoos do.

My questions: 

1) What are the top 10 characteristics you admire on others?

2) What is your favourite YouTube channel?

3) What are you expectations/requests from a true friend?

4) Do you believe in a lasting friendship between two people of opposite genders?

5) Which one would you find a great friend, the one who views most of life the same way you do or one that has mostly different opinions than you do?

6) What are some of the things you are proud of yourself? 

7) Do you believe that true friends (when far away from each other) can stop communicating for quite some time without getting distant or should some communication exist whatever the case?

8) What's the worst advice that someone gave you?

9) Is there a way for someone close to you to hurt you without realising it?

10) (And finally) what is your favourite quote or motto about life that motivates you? 


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